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"The representative, Susana, helped me with the financing and application to have Renova install an AC unit and windows in my home to save energy. The job was quick and well done. Susana was always attentive and nice throughout the entire process.

Arturo M

Financing Information

Property Accessed Clean Energy (PACE)

PACE, Property Accessed Clean Energy, is a program authorized by the State of California and used by Counties to allow homeowners to finance their home improvement projects. This type of financing allows you to upgrade your home with energy-efficient projects. High-efficiency Air Conditioners, “Cool Roof” shingles, high-efficiency windows, Solar Panels, and other energy products!
PACE Financing applies the loan to your home as a line item on your property taxes, similar to your mortgage. Payments to your mortgage company can be adjusted to include your PACE financing!
PACE programs are a great option for individuals who do not want personal or traditional financing. By attaching the loan as a line item to the property, your credit score is not affected and is not used as a factor for approval!
Terms range from 5-25 years depending on the product and program. Monthly payments can start as low as $60!
The loan CAN be transferred when selling your home. Speak to your real estate agent, or call your Program Financer for more information.


We offer over 20+ financing options, call today to schedule your consultation and see which one is right for you!

While most financing companies require a 640, we have options starting at a 600 minimum! Check out PACE programs to finance without credit!

All of our services and products can be financed. Call today to schedule your Renova Energy Report.

HVAC, Re-Roofs,  Window, Solar Panels, and Insulation can all be financed through traditional and non-traditional programs!

Terms range from 3-25 years depending on the product and program.

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Wouldn’t it feel great to know that your air conditioning system is heating & cooling your home for pennies on the dollar? Stop overpaying for climate control!


Did you know that your Roof accounts for up to 30 % of the efficiency of your home? A “Cool Roof” reflects UV-Light which helps reduce HVAC use!


Have you ever wondered why your room is so hot/cold regardless of how much you run your HVAC system? IT COULD BE YOUR WINDOWS!


Harness the Power of the Sun! Solar panels allow you to gain independence and produce your own power. Why pay for something you can create?

Is your home is fully efficient?

Take part in the Renova Energy Report for a uniquely tailored plan to reduce your energy expenditure. We inspect your Roof, Windows, Heating & Air System, and yearly energy expenditure.

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