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"We are new homeowners and were in need of an A/C unit installed in our home. We were helped by Susana and it was a great experience. Our A/C unit was installed quickly within 1 day of being accepted with their credit programs. 10/10 highly recommend to anyone trying to get their new unit installed"

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What is the advantage of an efficient Heating & Air Conditioning System?

Heating & Air Conditioning is climate control at your fingertips. If it’s hot out, simply press a button and start up the A/C. Vuala…cool fresh air. Unfortunately, every time you hit that button it comes with a cost.

Without getting too technical, the efficiency of an air conditioning system is measured in “SEER” for cooling and “AFUE” for heating.

“SEER” stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
“AFUE” stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency

The old air conditioning systems from 10+ years ago are extremely inefficient with SEER ratings of below 10. Today we are required by building codes to install units with a minimum rating of 14 SEER. However, we always recommend upgrading to the highest SEER rating for your situation, up to 21 with Carrier’s Infinity Line.

This is important since in the Central Valley we receive several months of 90-100+ degree temperatures and constantly running your air conditioner can skyrocket your energy expenses!

The Process

Renova Energy Report
The Renova Energy Report is a comprehensive inspection of your roof, attic insulation, heating & air system, windows, and yearly energy expenditure. This allows us to recognize the leaks in your home's efficiency.

If during our inspection we find that your heating & air conditioning system is causing elevated energy expenditure, we will begin the process of planning your installation.

 First, we gather information regarding the size of your home, ventilation, positioning, and other necessary details.

 Next, you must choose the efficiency of your unit.

Lastly, we review your options and consider financing.


Every project requires city permits. We understand that dealing with the city isn't always a great experience, so we created a dedicated team assigned to permitting and inspections!


For most* installations the process is straightforward

Installs Completed in 1 days

You  read that correctly, within one to two days you can have your new unit up and running, providing fresh cool air.

Removal and recycling of your old unit, ducts, and ventsInstallation of your new unit, ducts, gas, power, and thermostat


A Final Inspection is required by your local Building Department.Any corrections given by the City Inspector at the time of inspection will be corrected and a new Final Inspection will be scheduled.

*estimated installation time can be +/- 1-3 days*


Units installed through us are provided by Carrier, the inventors of air conditioning! Carrier has been ahead of the game since the beginning and continues to lead the industry with new, more efficient technologies.


Heating & Air Conditioning systems have the condenser warrantied for 10 years, along with an installer warranty of 1 year by Renova Home Improvements.

Is your home is fully efficient?

Take part in the Renova Energy Report for a uniquely tailored plan to reduce your energy expenditure. We inspect your Roof, Windows, Heating & Air System, and yearly energy expenditure.

Based in Fresno, Ca. Serving the whole central valley from Bakersfield to Sacramento and now serving the Greater Bay Area from Monterey to Santa Rosa!

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"Alex was so incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, answered every single question I had with no hesitations, and made the whole process stress-free. As a homeowner, buying a new roof was very intimidating and wasn't something I thought was possible"

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Beware of the Swamp Killer!

Evaporative Coolers, or Swamp Coolers, are a dime a dozen in the Central Valley, read below why we're against it

At face value, a swamp cooler is a great solution for cooling down your home. They are affordable, easy to use, and don’t expend too much energy.

Unfortunately, they also have underlying issues that you may not be aware of!

Because they are meant to operate through water and evaporation, when outdoor temperatures rise to 100+ degrees they fall short. Making your home feel like the name…A Swamp!

The truth is swamp coolers introduce moisture to your home, which can cause mold, allergies, and bacteria. All of which can aggravate breathing complications.

For our full article on the Swamp Killer click learn more below

Financing Options

We offer over a dozen different financing solutions fit for any project or situation Some with no payments until November of next year!

0% Down
100% Financing
Up to 20 years
Starting at ~$75

Serving the entire Central Valley and Greater Bay Area!


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