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Why do we install Solar?

Over the course of time, humans have left their mark in incredible ways. We invented amazing technologies
that dramatically improved the livelihood of persons across the globe forever.

Transportation,  Communication, Information, and Participation were all improved

Unfortunately, everything comes with a cost and our planet is suffering the price of innovation.
We believe the ability to harness the power of the sun, is easily the most accessible renewable energy for the
everyday person. Solar will be a KEY component to the future of humankind and we simply offer to do our
part in creating energy-efficient homes across the State of California.

Solar is simply a lateral exchange of expenses

When prepared and installed properly!

Right now you are receiving your electricity from an electrical grid, as is most everyone else in your neighborhood. The electrical grid is controlled and owned by a Utility Company, which also happens to decide how much that electricity is worth.

You pay for this electricity no matter how little, or how much, you use….

When you purchase your Solar Panels you begin the journey of creating your own electricity. Yes, they still control the grid, but you control where your electricity comes from and who produces it. Only using grid electricity during months of low production. With a properly planned system, these low months should be offset by months with a surplus.

Essentially, you eliminate the need for a middle-man!

With Battery Packs  becoming more and more common,
the day of a grid-free home is just over the horizon!

Fixed Payments

Say goodbye to those summer utility bills!

Financing Options

0% Down - 100% Financed Up to 25 years - No Liens!

The Process

12 Months Energy Expenses

Before we can consider PV Solar Panels, we must take a look at your previous 12 months' energy expenditures. This report can be found with just a short call to your electrical provider. 

This is our initial marker to begin the solar process and will determine how many panels you require to cover your energy needs.


When creating a new system there are several key factors we need to confirm before presenting a plan.

Azimuth - Orienta tion of the solar panels
Shading - Directly impacts panel production
Pitch - The actual tilt of the solar panels
Energy Expenditure - Determines the size of the system
Equipment - Panels, Inverters, and Storage options


Every project requires city permits. We understand that dealing with the city isn't always a great experience, so we created a dedicated team assigned to permitting and ins pections!


Solar Systems can take between 1-2 months to become fully operational and must be completed in phases 

Phase 1
Planning out your system

Phase 2
Installing your new solar system

Phase 3
NEM - Net Energy Metering
PTO - Permission to Operate
Monitoring - System Reporting

Inspections are required by your local Building Department.
Any corrections given by the City Inspector at the time of inspection will be corrected and a new Final Inspection will be scheduled.


Our solar panels are sourced, and can be installed, by Sunpower! They are leaders in the Solar Industry and have been creating/installing panels for decades. As a matter of fact they were one of the first companies to produce solar panels EVER! 

Panels are accompanied by a 25-year production warranty

Is your home is fully efficient?

Take part in the Renova Energy Report for a uniquely tailored plan to reduce your energy expenditure. We inspect your Roof, Windows, Heating & Air System, and yearly energy expenditure.

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Financing Options

We offer over a dozen different financing solutions fit for any project or situation

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