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"Everything was done on a timely and professional manner. The clean up afterwards was excellent and this was a BIG JOB which included roof, Windows and paint on a 70 year old house, They also installed an electrical panel. Gerry was a man of his word and he was on top of everything and made it happen"

Gary P – Better Business Bureau

Do your windows contribute to a lower energy bill...or an elevated one?

There are many types of windows, but they are NOT all made the same.
Types of glass, layers of glass, gas filler, structure, framing, and thickness all contribute to the efficiency of your windows. 

Take a look at the glass
How many panes of glass does it have? How thick are they?

Look at the frame
Is it sealing properly? What material are they made of? Is there a safety certificate attached?

Lastly, simply feel it out
On a cold night or a hot day stand near to your window. Can you feel a temperature change coming from outside?

If you can, likely your windows are inefficient. By upgrading your windows you will keep your indoor air temperature steady. The more insulated you make your home, the more you can save at the end of the month!

The Process

Renova Energy Report
The Renova Energy Report is a comprehensive inspection of your roof, attic insulation, heating & air system, windows, and yearly energy expenditure. This allows us to recognize the leaks in your home's efficiency.

If during our inspection we find that your windows are the cause of elevated energy expenditure we will begin planning your window upgrade 

First, we precisely measure each window of your home
Next, we present you with frame colors, glass tints, and grid patterns to choose from

Lastly, we review your choices and consider financing

If you would like entirely new windows, simply ask your rep!


Every project requires city permits. We understand that dealing with the city isn't always a great experience, so we created a dedicated team assigned to permitting and inspections!


For most* installations the process is straightforward 

Installs Completed in 1 day
You read that correctly, within one to two days you can completely change the look and efficiency of your home!

We remove your old windows and self-haul them to a recycling center.
Optionally, we can repaint any exposed areas left over
from the removal of your old windows

A Final Inspection is required by your local Building Department.
Any corrections given by the City Inspector at the time of inspection will be corrected and a new Final Inspection will be scheduled.

*estimated installation time can be +/- 1-3 days*


The windows we choose to install are made right here in our backyard. Anlin Window Industries is based in Clovis, Ca. and produce windows made especially for the Central Valley. 

Anlin provides a double lifetime warranty on their windows, meaning you won't have to worry about an upgrade EVER AGAIN. Should you sell the home or pass on, the warranty will be transferred to the lifetime of the next owner.

Is your home is fully efficient?

Take part in the Renova Energy Report for a uniquely tailored plan to reduce your energy expenditure. We inspect your Roof, Windows, Heating & Air System, and yearly energy expenditure.

Based in Fresno, Ca. Serving the whole central valley from Bakersfield to Sacramento and now serving the Greater Bay Area from Monterey to Santa Rosa!

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"Renova Home Improvements listened to my vision for my home and with expertise brought my vision to fruition within budget and on time. The team is customer-focused and will not stop until the customer is satisfied. I recommend RHI for all of your home improvement projects"

Erica J – Better Business Bureau

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Financing Options

We offer over a dozen different financing solutions fit for any project or situation Some with no payments until November of next year!

0% Down
100% Financing
Up to 20 years
Starting at ~$75

Serving the entire Central Valley and Greater Bay Area!


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